Editorial Policy

Founded by Barbara Fischer, a seasoned psychologist in Denver, DenverPsychologist.com aims to extend a helping hand to those grappling with anxiety, health issues, and a spectrum of emotional hurdles.

Content Creation and Purpose:

To provide high-quality, empathetic, and actionable psychological advice that addresses a wide range of mental health issues, with a focus on meeting individuals where they are in their journey.

The website covers topics such as anxiety management, coping with health-related challenges, understanding and navigating emotional experiences, and general mental well-being.

Authorship and Expertise:

All content is created under the guidance of Barbara Fischer, leveraging her extensive experience and knowledge in psychology. Contributions from other professionals will be clearly credited, ensuring they hold appropriate qualifications and share the site’s commitment to empathy and understanding.

Ethical Guidelines and Confidentiality:

DenverPsychologist.com adheres to the highest standards of confidentiality and ethical practice in psychology. Content is crafted with sensitivity to privacy, and personal stories shared by readers are treated with utmost respect and confidentiality.

Sources and Reliability:

Information provided on the site is based on reputable psychological research, proven therapeutic techniques, and Barbara Fischer’s professional experience. Any external sources are rigorously vetted for credibility and relevance.

Correction Policy:

DenverPsychologist.com commits to accuracy and transparency. Should any inaccuracies be identified, we pledge to correct them promptly. Readers are encouraged to report potential errors for review.

User Engagement and Feedback:

We value our readers’ insights and feedback. Users are encouraged to share their thoughts and experiences through comments or direct communication, fostering a supportive community atmosphere.

Privacy and Data Protection:

Personal information collected from users will be strictly protected in accordance with privacy laws and will not be shared without consent.

Review and Update Policy:

Content on DenverPsychologist.com is regularly reviewed and updated to ensure it remains current with the latest psychological research and practices.

Advertising and Sponsorship:

Any sponsored content or advertising will be clearly distinguished from editorial content, ensuring our advice remains unbiased and focused on our readers’ well-being.